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Tau Unbound

What are Israel’s Options in the War

Prof. Uriya Shavit, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Humanities

In this episode of TAU Unbound, host Ido Aharoni is interviewing prolific Israeli academic and writer Prof. Uriya Shavit of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Humanities. Shavit, who received his PhD from TAU, talks about the origins of Hamas, its ties throughout the region and Israel’s options.

Prof. Shavit is a professor of Islamic studies and, since 2016, has served as the head of TAU’s Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies and its Graduate Program in Religious Studies. Since 2021, Shavit serves as head of the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, as well as co-head of the Shandong-Tel Aviv Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies. Shavit also worked as a senior staff writer and editor for Haaretz and other Israeli newspapers and authored novels and books for young readers. He specializes in the study of contemporary Islamic law, theology, and politics, as well as the study of Muslim minorities in the West.

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