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Tau Unbound

Ido Aharoni & Menachem Mautner: Israel’s Future

Prof. Menachem Mautner
Emeritus in Faculty of Law

Prof. Menachem (Manny) Mautner is a leading expert of Comparative Civil Law and Jurisprudence at Tel Aviv University. In 2000–2002, he was Dean of the Faculty of Law. Since the brith of his grandchildren, some six years ago, Manny. Has voiced his opinion on a wide range of issues pertaining he struggle to protect Israel’s democracy and secure its pluralistic nature.

In this new episode of TAU Unbound, Ido Aharoni is asking Prof. Mautner questions that relate to the way he sees Israel’s future, the ties between Israel’s serving elites and the periphery, the future of Israel’s educational system and what connects him to this place.

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