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Tau Unbound

Applied Nano-Technology

Prof. Ehud Gazit
Molecular Cell Biology and Bio
Faculty of Life Sciences

Nanotechnology is the re-organization and re-design of material on a near-atomic scale. This could allow the development of new properties and structures, creation of new materials and devices. Nano-technology promises scientific advancement in many sectors such as medicine, consumer products, energy, materials, and manufacturing. Prof. Ehud (Udi) Gazit is on the forefront of this exciting field. Former Chairman of Ramot (TAU’s tech transfer company), he is a world class expert in the following areas: Molecular Recognition, Biological Physics, Bio-nanotechnology, Metabolostasis and Supramolecular Chemistry.

In this new episode of TAU Unbound, Ido Aharoni engages Prof. Gazit in a conversation about the future of science, possible applications for our health and the exciting that is in scientific discovery.

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