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The Untold Story of the Kingdom of Judah

(B1) What was Left Untold because It Was Self-Evident to the Authors and Readers

Prof. Oded Lipschits

Many details about Jerusalem were left untold by the authors of ancient history simply because they were clear and obvious to both the authors and the readers of these accounts. Some of these details are also known to us, but some are no longer. The biblical story was written by Jerusalem
scribes who lived in Jerusalem and their descriptions were written for those who lived in the city, visited it and knew it well. There was no need to explain much or go into detail when these descriptions mentioned well-known and familiar places, buildings, gates, or sections of the wall, certainly there was no need to explain and go into detail when the temple or the king’s palace were mentioned. Important components of the landscape that surrounded Jerusalem were also familiar and well-known and there was no need to elaborate on their place or characteristics. These things were well known to the writers and readers of these accounts. It was also impossible to change or be inaccurate in all of these, since any change, exaggeration or inaccuracy would immediately be noticeable to the eyes of the readers, who knew exactly that the Gihon spring was downhill from the city, and that the pilgrims were coming from the temple. They knew very well that the Kidron
brook is the border of the city to the east and where the tombs of the House of David are.

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